“Gamestonk” has changed the markets forever. The only question is by how much

Gamestop isn’t exactly what one would describe as a company of the future. Its main product is software stored on a physical disk in an era where this could be downloaded in minutes. Its main point of sale are bricks and mortar stores in an era where the share of online sales are growing every year. To add insult to injury, the vast majority of these stores have been forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic. …

Lessons from the Vietnam war on the limits of being Data Driven

When fighting a war, one important thing to know is whether you are winning or not!

Before the Vietnam war, the US military had fought in 3 major conflicts during the 20th century — WW1, WW2 & the Korean war. All of these were more conventional wars where you fought over land. Thus, whether you were winning or losing any of these wars was dictated by the expanse of land you had control over and whether you were gaining ground or ceding it. When Hitler was able to go to Paris, the Nazis were winning the war. And when the…

I want you all to imagine a coin. It looks like any normal coin except that this coin is special. This is the magical truth coin. The way this coin works is that you generate a theory about something, you whisper this theory to the coin and if your theory is correct, the coin will land on heads. Otherwise, it lands on tails. Now, there is one flaw with this coin in that it will randomly show up heads 1 out of every 20 flips irrespective of whether or not your theory is true. …

Conor Digan

Data Scientist intrigued by our new world of big data and the strange effects it can have on our society

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